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Youngstown Ohio8 Minutes in the Morning for Real Shapes, Real Sizes: Specifically Designed for People Who Want to Lose 30 Pounds or More
Published: June, 2003
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Author: Jorge Cruise
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Not bad, but not for me.

If you are completely desperate and need something really basic to follow, this is a good book. I'm overweight but these exercises were just too easy and I didn't feel challenged enough. I opted to start weight watchers and use some exercise videos instead. I did enjoy the book and it is very motivational if you want to start fresh.

Youngstown Ohio Nope not this one .....

I was disappointed with this book. He has his picture on every other page, literally. The numbering of chapters is confusing. I truely have gotten much more out of "Strong Women Stay Slim" by Miriam Nelson, which I got from the library, and now have purchased. I would suggest taking a look at Jorge's somewhere before making your purchase~ (do as I say, not as I do LOL) "Strong Women" just seemed so much simpler, and the drawings of the exercises are pleasant and clear. Often times I don't want to do the exercises, then I think "well, I'll just do the first one" and before I know it I've done them all and am feeling better. In fact, I have now ordered Nelson's book on arthritis. Note: There are only 6 basic exercises plus stretching in Nelson's work, so it certainly doesn't take much longer than Jorge's "8 Minutes."

Youngstown Ohio Not worth the money

I bought this book with high hopes having read the reviews here on Amazon but was sorely dissapointed with the book.
Having read it cover to cover and nearly becoming comatose from doing so I have to say its not worth the money.
The main reasons for saying this are:
1. It takes forever to get anywhere - I was half way through the book before anything diet and exercise related was brought up.
2. The first half of the book deals with getting in touch with your feelings. He talks a lot about learning to accept your body and miraculously you'll discover a way to lose weight. My arguement with that is if I hadn't accepted that I need to lose weight then why on earth would I be reading the book in the first place?
3. His style of writing felt condescending towards the reader, I felt like I was being told that I was a special little girl who just needed guidance in a big bad world.
4. The support network that he suggests signing up to on his website costs money from what I could tell by looking at the site. I don't know if I was reading the information on the site incorrectly - which now deals with his "new" diet anyway.
5. Having tried out the exercises in the book and followed the very basic diets plans (the kind of thing I learnt about basic food types, carbs, fats, proteins when in grade school) I've not felt any different or lost any weight. The exercises seems to be so low impact that I would have to do them constantly for several hours to work up any kind of sweat or improve my fitness/weight loss.
6. The title of the book is misleading. While yes, the exercises only take 8 minutes to do he forgets to mention the time for warming up/stretching and the writing and notes that you're supposed to make to get in touch with your inner whatever it is you're trying to reach.
Overall I felt that this book was definately not worth the money. I'd rather pay for something that told me something useful within the first half of the book. However I would say that he does provide some interesting information on the metabolism.
In fact I think I've burnt more calories and lost more weight by typing this review than I lost while following the book/plan for 5 weeks.
In short, don't bother with this diet plan.

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