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Youngstown OhioO Brother, Where Art Thou?
Published: 05 December, 2000
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Hidden Gotcha

I liked this CD, but not every track. Beware, you cannot load it onto your computer. Had I known this, I would not have purchased the CD regardless of how much I like the soundtrack.

The "Man of Constant Sorrow" is one of those songs that stays in your mind a long time. The movie was excellent.

In short, it is a good, if deceptively marketed, CD. I encourage you not to purchase encrypted CDs.

Youngstown Ohio Great Music

Although O brother where art thou is not the best of Coen brother's films, this soundtrack is remarkable. "I' man of constant sorrow" is a logical hit, quite a catchy tune, but "Po Lazarus", "Big rock candy mountain" "I'll fly away" or "Down in the river to pray" give all sorts of bluegrass, country and gospel moods, all perfectly executed.
Ofcourse, if you have seen the film, the tunes will help you remember brilliant scenes with John Turturro, Charles Durning and other great characters...

Youngstown Ohio A surprise!

I love this CD. Which is a shocker. I can't stand blue grass, don't even like country. But the quality of singing voices and the immpeckable instrumental execution makes me an admirer. I bought this cd because I watched the movie and Goerge Clooney's 'singing' performance made me laugh. I smile alot when listening to this cd. Very well done.

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