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Youngstown OhioO Brother, Where Art Thou?
Published: 12 June, 2001
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Youngstown Ohio O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Cohen Brothers do it again on multiple levels - humor, social satire, and music. Not only do I own a dvd of the film, but also a cd of the music. Both are top notch.

Youngstown Ohio Outstanding Comedy From The Coen Brothers!

This is a great film. I liked everything about this film. And it was pretty clever of the Coen Brothers to use Homer's epic the 'Odyssey' as the back-drop for this delightfully entertaining film. One of the standouts in this film for me, was Everett (George Clooney) and his constant ramblings of the know-it-all, and explain-it-all character. I have known people like this [Haven't we all?] The part of the film where Everett is trying to get his hair oil was pretty darn funny. When the store owner tells him that he doesn't have 'Dapper Dan' in stock, but can get in two weeks was pretty funny. Especially when Everett tells the owner, "Whatta you know, this place is two weeks from everywhere." I had no idea that George Clooney was so funny. He should do more comedies.

And the cinematography was great too! Mississippi is a state I went through once, many years ago. And the depictions of many of the places [I don't know for sure if it was filmed there] were pretty darn good. The set designs, and the 1930's atmosphere was pretty darn realistic. I have to say however, that the music was fantastic. [I have the soundtrack]. This is a great film: One of the Coen Brothers best films. And Charles Durning as Pappy O'Daniel was great. You almost sensed that you as the viewer were really transported to 1930's Mississippi. A great film, discussed here on amazon at length already. I highly recommend the film. It's well worth the purchase. [Stars: 4.5]


Another bizarre entry in the Coen Brothers arsenal, O BROTHER is a thoroughly entertaining if somewhat unusual film. The story focuses on three prison escapees who are going to Mississippi to collect the 1.2 million dollars supposedly hidden there. Based on Homer's ODYSSEY, the film involves our three heroes/stooges in some unusual adventures, all leading to a lot of twists in its looney conclusion. What makes it work is the spirited performances of George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson as the escapees; the charming bluegrass music including the surprise smash hit I AM A MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW and some nice bits from supporting players John Goodman and Holly Hunter. It has some Three Stooges touches, and is filmed quite beautifully. All in all, a weird but enjoyable comedy.

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