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Youngstown OhioA Land Remembered, Vol. 1 (Student Edition)
Published: March, 2001
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Author: Patrick Smith
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Early Florida Saga

It's easy to see why almost every reviewer gave this book 5 stars. The story follows the MacIvey family from 1863 through three generations to the present. As they scratch out a hardscrabble living, the reader follows their experiences during the Civil War, and through Florida's pioneer days.
Immerse yourself in their struggle to build a home, drive cattle to market, start orchards, deal with rustlers, wild animals, life and death in Central Florida.
You learn so much about Florida's early landscape and the damage done by settlement, as well as the effect on the Native Americans. Some of the homespun life reminds me of Rawling's classic, The Yearling. I highly recommend it, not just for Floridians, but for everyone to know more about their country's development in this unique region. The story is compelling.

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