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Youngstown OhioA Land Remembered
Published: August, 1998
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Author: Patrick Smith
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio This book blew me away into the past.

Wow!!! You will not be able to put it down. It is also a great book on tape if you are taking a long trip. I have lived in Florida since 1972 and I never new some of the events mentioned in this book.

What a wonderful story. I know that it was fiction, but someone did their homework on this one.

It was also very entertaining and thought provoking. Thank you Mr. Smith for a super story.

Youngstown Ohio A wonderful book for natives and non-natives alike

A friend loaned me this book. I couldn't put it down until I finished. I loaned it to another friend and her husband. They couldn't put it down either until finished. I am now buying another copy to send to a friend now living in Montana who was born in Chuleota Florida. I wait to see if he also will be unable to rest until finished with this great story of Florida history

Youngstown Ohio Wow!

An excellent introduction to Florida whether you be 96 or 6 years old! Especially if you've come from outside of the state and think you've come to "paradise". Here Smith has well strung together the many events that brought Florida to where it is today. Along with presenting characters that are very much like like the real life pioneers and carpetbaggers that help put our state together.

One of the admirable parts of his endeavor was to start with the main characters crossing into the state from Georgia and then to travel the family to south Florida and the treks back and forth to Punta Rassa. This is written very well. Those who know the history of Florida will find this an acurate portrayal. Others might want to follow the map that accompanies the book.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the history, heritage and culture of Florida while reading a sweeping adventure!

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