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Youngstown OhioThe Real Estate Recipe: Make Millions by Buying Small Apartment Properties in Your Spare Time (Nuts & Bolts Series) (Nuts & Bolts series)
Published: September, 2004
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Author: Brian K. Friedman
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Worth The Investment

This is one of four books on purchasing and managing real estate that we purchased. Although pricey due to availability in hardback only, for those such as us that are first time buyers of commercial real estate, the data, clarity of thought and information will likely prove very valuable. It is a quick read that provides the basic tenets of buying multi-family units. The financial elements are fairly simplistic; hence we purchased an additional book that delves into the intricacies of purchasing and financing multi-family units.

Youngstown Ohio Best I've Found Thus Far

Of the three books I've read on investing in multi-family real estate, this is by far the best. The author does a good job of walking the reader through from start to finish the purchase of a representative property. In the appendix the author provides several very easy to understand and useful financial analysis templates which can easily be recreated in Excel or any other spreadsheet program.

Youngstown Ohio The Real Estate Recipe: Make Millions by Buying Small Apartment Properties in Your Spare Time

I found the book to be a very concise (Nuts & Bolts) and logical approach to buying small apartment properties from someone who obviously knows the process. He gives you all the tools needed to anaylise, purchase, manage and project profits. The forms in the book are easily accessed at the publisher's website for downloading. I'm closing on a 7 unit property in less than 2 weeks. Thanks Brian!

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