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Youngstown OhioCommercial Real Estate Investing 12 Easy Steps to Getting Started
Published: 19 October, 2004
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Author: Jack Cummings
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio No Secrets Here

Useful, but no great secrets. Good research tool for someone starting in Real Estate, and has some useful tools on leverage understanding. I probably would not buy it again.

Youngstown Ohio Don't Buy This Book!!!!!!!!!

Before I bought this book I was looking for a smart way to invest in real estate and decided to buy the book because of its high rating. Bad choice! Never buy a book in Amazon just because of the good rating. I've been investing in real estate for 2 years and wanted to expand my knowledge in the field with the help of this book. Bad choice! The 12 easy steps the author is referring to are useless. You are better off learning by experience. I thought the book was "ELEMENTARY" with the oversized fonts and childish graphics. I felt like a kid reading a night time story. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK, it is an absolute waste of time. You are better off keeping an eye on the current market situation and make your moves by experience.

Youngstown Ohio Commercial Real Estate Investing 12 Easy Steps to Getting Started

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