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Youngstown OhioIdora Park: The Last Ride of Summer
Published: May, 1999
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Author: Rick Shale
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Excellent, interesting trip back to Idora Park!

Another fantastic trip back down the amusement park midway, courtesy of Mr. Jacques. This well researched and colorful book manages to chronicle the life and times of Youngstown's Idora Park - without reading like your typical history lesson. Filled with hundreds of pictures, this book is a must read for any amusement park enthusiast. Although I have never been to Idora, or even Youngstown, this book put me right back on Idora's midway and in the front seat of their infamous Wildcat and Jack Rabbit roller coasters.

Mr. Jacques' book also includes many unique behind the scenes stories and anecdotes from countless interviews and local archives. Personal photos and individual recollections of time spent at Idora Park take the reader back to a time when the traditional amusement park was the highlight of our summer days.

Youngstown Ohio A must have reference

Anyone who lives in and around Youngstown, Ohio and those who are devotees of the amusement park tradition in America will find this attractive book to be both informative and nostalgic. The Last Ride... is an intelligent, intriguing look back through time to the park's opening in 1899 through to the fire which sealed its fate! The book is beautifully and thoroughly illustrated with copious photos and other interesting items; including a summary list of the events, groups, bands, etc. who were part of the park's history. This book is a must for everyone who's ever set foot in the park wither during its glowing years or during its decline.

Youngstown Ohio Don't go there at night

I found the book to back great old memories of the greasy french fries and rattly old coasters. The old train was my favorite

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