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Youngstown OhioYoungstown, Oh (Postcard History)
Published: May, 2003
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Author: Donna M. Deblaiso
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio A unique slice of history...

This is a gem of a book showing Youngstown's history in the form of postcards.

The book is presented in a sepia tone giving it a look of nostalgia. On each page is a postcard in a thematic trip through Youngstown's early history. There are captions under each photo that give a bit of historical background.

If you've been on any online auction recently, you'll find that postcards are abundant, even postcards pushing 100 years old. They provide a unique slice of history on how a city such as Youngstown was perceived and presented. Today it is all but impossible to find current postcards of Youngstown.

This is a nice book to have in your collection or to lay on your coffee table as a conversation starter. It is a nice tribute to an age gone by.

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