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Youngstown OhioThe Believer
Published: 28 February, 2006
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio I'm a Believer

I got turned onto Rhett Miller from Paste magazine. Included a disc featuring a song from this album. I bought "Instigator" first and it took a few listens, but it grew on me with many great songs on it. Bought "Believer" and feel it's equally as great if not better with some more upbeat music jangles. Still shares the same haunting lyrics about love, life and the feelings once expressed and so on. Really great CD and unlike Instigator, I found myself listening to Believer and singing out loud.

Youngstown Ohio Rhetts got it

Rhett Miller is one of the best pop singers going. He seems more vaunerable solo then he is with the Old 97's. We get more of what rattles around in his noggin with this album. I was a huge fan of the last solo disc and this is more then what I expected for a follow up. Nice job Rhett!

Youngstown Ohio Buy this Album!!

The entire CD is really great and, most of all, alot of fun. I especially like My Valentine (the most rockin' song on the CD), The Believer, and Fireflies. Rhett Miller is a wonderfully talented songwriter with a voice that can inspire you to get up dance or, within the space of a few songs, pierce your heart.

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