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Youngstown Ohio9.0: Live
Published: 01 November, 2005
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio worrying about what other people think.

If you like a certain artist it doesn't really matter what other people think. Do you ask for their advice at the drive-thru as well? Follow your heart. I love the originality of Slipknot. I have been a metal fan since '77. So much garbage comes and goes. The longevity of Slipknot will prove all the critics wrong. Cheers!

Youngstown Ohio Zero Stars for a zero talent band

It astonishes me that it takes 9 guys to make such horrible music.

Garbage like this is probably only listened to by kids who want attention from mommy and daddy. I hope you all die.

Youngstown Ohio awesome stuff

for all those reviewers who gave this album one two or three stars really didn't listen to the album enough. When I got this live album I never really heard slipknot before so i played it and listened, i felt the same way as the one and two star reviewers but when i listened to it a month later after i had decided it wasn't good i put it back in my cd player and really loved after a couple of minutes! The reason it sounds so-called sloppy is becuase it isn't recorded but if you listen after a while it is music to your ears. but if you listen you can hear the correct melody in the singer even though his mask muffles his voice the guitars are awesome, the turn tables have a great effect on the music, the samplings adds great touches to it, and the drums sound better live! really the only thing I have to say about this album is sit, listen, and hang on for fricken life! By the way, enjoy the drum solo on disc one.

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