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Youngstown OhioAustin Stevens, Snakemaster - In Search of the Giant Lizard, Monster Rattler and More!
Published: 02 August, 2005
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Dramatic, But It's Pretty Damn Cool!!

I could sit back and drink beer all day to this DVD! Yeah Boy!! I highly recommend this DVD along with a few brew haaas to compliment it. Who ever said you can't learn and drink at the same time?!

Youngstown Ohio B rilliant Austen steven.

Austen Steven is so so so so so brilliant.I love Austen Steven.I Try to watch him every day.

Youngstown Ohio Superb Snake Documentary . . . and Art

One is lucky to meet, perhaps, five people at the most in one's lifetime who are TRULY passionate about their work, whose life IS their work. Such is the case of Mr. Austin Stevens and his passion for snakes. And it is this passion that is self-evident in his Snakemaster series, THE captivating spirit for the viewer.

This DVD contains three episodes of the entire Snakemaster season produced by Animal Planet, each documenting a buildup of Mr. Stevens' captures of snakes or reptiles in their native habitat, climaxing at the end with the capture of the biggest and "baddest" snake/reptile. For Borneo, it is a 20ft.+ Reticulated Python, a snake capable of eating an adult human being without any problem, in Australia's desert it is the giant Perentie lizard, and in the Florida Panhandle it is an 8ft. long Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake. Mr. Stevens has the innate talent to "take" us, the viewer, with him on his adventurous journey as if we were right there with him. Right in our living room, he takes us to places that 98% of us will never have the opportunity to visit, a marvelous gift to us on his part. Breathtakingly filmed, beautifully scored (a la John Barry), and wonderfully narrated -- yes, Mr. Stevens is a superb storyteller -- this DVD is not only an excellent snake documentary, but a superb work of cinematographic art! I only hope that Animal Planet will release the entire Snakemaster series on DVD very, very soon.

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