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Youngstown OhioO God, The Aftermath
Published: 01 March, 2005
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Youngstown Ohio hard and true

I myself am a christian and i have to say this is no regular christian band they are better than most christian bands and music. They dont push it down your throat which i like. I like non christian music to. Look at my cd collection(bleeding through.atreyu,the black dahlia murder). But i have to say i like the change from btmktc. I like btmktc but u cant base them of that cd anymore its not the same band. Cory can tear up the vocals just as much as josh can. I also do like that chariot but they are nothing compared to norma jean so if u like random heavy and good music than u should check these guys out they rock.

Youngstown Ohio funny name for a band!

however, this band gets the point across. I don't know what they're saying, but it is apparent they are worshipping Jesus!
get this band if you're into a variety of styles of Christian metal/rock, such as Petra (r.i.p.), Bloodgood (r.i.p.), Stryper (welcome back), the Showdown, As I Lay Dying, Jacob's Dream, Zao, Kutless, Demon Hunter, Mortification, Narnia, Tourniquet, Extol, Underoath, and Hangnail, and you should get it if you're into the myriad of metalcore bands that are out now.

Youngstown Ohio Botch Cover Band.

Most people who like Norma Jean bad metalcore and post-hardcore. But people who enjoy(ed) Botch will probably also enjoy this album. Because Norma Jean just straight ripped off Botch. However, it's still an enjoyable album. You know what, you should all go buy a Botch album instead. We Are The Romans and An Anthology of Dead Ends are both really solid.

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