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Youngstown OhioA Very Long Engagement
Published: 07 December, 2004
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Youngstown Ohio Dreamy From Start To Finish...

I am a longtime Badalamenti fan, from his TWIN PEAKS days.Had not seen the movie yet decided to try this score since I trust his haunting music.
This is one of the best soundtracks I have ever listened to!
Not only is moody, easy listening and, at the same time, soothing without turning to yawning - it is a great driving music to!

Youngstown Ohio A wonderful, sweeping score

Its one of the best scores I have heard in a long time. Wonderful. Fits the mood and tension of the film well. Just saw the movie for the 2nd time, still shattering and heartbreaking.

Youngstown Ohio Badalamenti's most powerful score

Badalamenti composed scores for all of David Lynch's movies since BLUE VELVET, but when I heard the score of this movie, I was amazed. This is a very different side of Badalamenti, reminding me at times of Hans Zimmer's superb, mournful, doom-laden score for THE THIN RED LINE. Both the score and this album are uncompromising ... no light-hearted moments, no dances or pop tunes, just sheer orchestral power evoking the profound, horrific impact of the First World War and what it did to the consciousness and conscience of a country. I ordered this CD the day after I saw the film, and as I've been listening to it, the power of the film has kept coming back to me, and growing.

The most amazing thing about the score is its ability to capture the sense that is present throughout both the novel and the film, that, through all this doom and deception and depression and despair, what really wins out is hope. But unlike so many phony "uplifting" endings, this film's ending, like that of the novel it is based on, is the real thing, honest, bittersweet, never really joyful, just satisfying. And that sense of triumph and rightness are present in every note of Badalamenti's most remarkable score.

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