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Youngstown Ohio3 - The Dale Earnhardt Story
Published: 14 December, 2004
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio great movie/ highway robbery price

I liked the movie but the price they are wanting for this is crazy. Everywhere else wants 20 and under for this and they want 30 somthing for it crazy. Some places are selling it for 13 brand new

Youngstown Ohio if espn would've waited for theresa to give them input

if only espn waited they probably would've gotten more info from theresa they probably would'nt wait till she was ready.

Youngstown Ohio 3 is number 9

I put this film at #9 of the greatest films of all time, just ahead of Breakin at #10. Here are some of the films that missed my list:

Citizen Kane
Forrest Gump
Eight Men Out
Animal House
My Mommy is having a baby
Gone with the Wind
Better off Dead

The folks at ESPN were given the second most impossible task ever, make a movie about E. The toughest task will be to make a movie about me after I die, where would you even start casting? Back to E. He is a really a neat guy. This movie portrays him as the cuddly prankster we all got to know and love when he was driving in circles Sunday after Sunday. Is there anything in the world of sports more engrossing than guys driving in a circle for 4 hours? Only the tour de france can compare in terms of sheer excitement. In this movie, Barry "Dr." Pepper plays the god of automobiles, Tim Dayer(I think that's what people down here called him). He grows up in a backass town where no one has any hope of benefitting society in any way shape or form. His dad runs cars in circles and Timdayer thinks it looks like a lot of fun. He ends up doing the same thing and being better at it than his dad. He makes a lot of friends along the way because he's a good racer. Sometimes he makes other drivers mad because he passes them and wins (that is the object of this sport). I made a lot of other kids mad on the BMX circuit in Gretna with my style, but as Timdayer said, Rubbin your facin. In the end, E runs into a wall and dies.

Now onto the movie about me. Where do you start? I personally think it would have to be a North and South type 10 hour mini series. You'd have to have my life broken up into five year periods or you'd run the risk of leaving out something that changed the world. You'd also open the network to countless complaints that my life wasn't covered properly. Some of the great scenes would be:
1. Sparrow flies into my forehead and dies
2. The great pickup on dodge(Natalie Portman would play the girl)
3. Me dropping 43 against Rhombus
4. Me winning at a lot of things (montage with "you're the best around" music).

E is solid family fun until he dies at the end.

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