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Youngstown OhioThe 80's-90's Combo Travel Game
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Youngstown Ohio Carrie

This is a fun travel trivia game. It's also the perfect game to play if you don't have much time and want to play a trivia game quickly. The questions are interesting, ranging from politics to music and film. Overall, I really enjoy this game for the purpose it provides. But this is definitely not a party game.

Youngstown Ohio buy the regular versions, not the combo

The game is no where near as good as the 90's and 80's games by themselves. I own all three now and am just going to use the questions from the combo game to add questions to the other two games. There are a lot fewer questions and it seems like it is a travel type edition because they shortened the game tremendously.

Youngstown Ohio Lots of fun pop culture trivia!

How much do you remember from the 80's and 90's? Test your memory and trivia knowledge against your friends in The 80's and 90's Combo Trivia Game from Intellinitiative. In this fun, fast-paced game, players race through a decade while fielding various pop culture questions.

The game board is small and simple: it basically has only one square for each year of the combined decades (so, after Start, the next section is 1980/1990, followed by 1981/1991, 1982/1992, etc.) Game play is straightforward: The first player moves his pawn to the 1980/1990 square, and rolls the "Category" die. If the "Skip" side comes up on the die, the player may move one square forward, without having to answer a question. He then rolls again. If one of the five categories (events, sports, music, movies, and television) comes up on the die, the player must select a decade, and answer a trivia question from that category for that decade.

If the player answers correctly, he must then guess whether the event took place in the exact year his pawn is currently on. For example, let's say his pawn is on the 1982/1992 spot. He chooses a 90's question, and is asked, say, about the movie Titanic. If he guesses the right answer, he must then say whether or not that movie premiered in 1992-which of course, it didn't. (Players do not need to guess the exact year; just guessing "yes" or "no" on the year in question is sufficient.)

If the player gets both questions correct, he moves his pawn to the next square and his turn continues. If he gets either the main question or the year wrong, then his turn is over and play passes to the next person. The first player to reach the end wins.

I found this game to be a lot of fun, although I was embarrassed to find out how much pop culture I'd forgotten! There is also a 70's version of this game out, as well as an 80's version and a 90's version (non-combo). Check out Intellinitiative's website for more details.

If you find yourself watching a lot of VH-1's "I Love the 80's" (or 90's)-and actually recognizing the references more often than not-then I definitely recommend picking up a copy of this game. It's quick, for a trivia game, and tons of fun.

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