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Youngstown OhioI Am
Published: 04 May, 2004
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Finally something to listen to!!!

Before Dave Matthews sold his soul; it could be almost a religious experience seeing him perform. His live music would give me goosebumps. Michael Tolcher's performances (not his music, that is his own) remind me of seeing Dave back in the early days.

I had the chance to hear Michael live and have 3 more events I am going to in the near future. Do yourself a favor and buy this CD and then catch a live show.

The music and the lyrics are really fresh in their arrangement and meaningful in their delivery.

Catch Michael on his way to stardom.


Youngstown Ohio A must have

You gotta hand it to this guy. He writes great lyrics and music, handles his guitar terrifically and he really is a great singer.
With a strong, rich voice and an excellent production, "I AM" is one of those Cd's that will get you hooked on the first listen, and the more you'll listen to it, the more you'll enjoy it.
As a musician, it's great to spot the not-so-many people out there who do such a great job doing what they love most.
Hopefully, next month people will say the same for my upcoming album...

In conclusion - this Cd is a MUST.


Youngstown Ohio Disappointing.

The album cover alone should clearly suggest that this album is not good. The whole peace sign is cute, but a little lame if you ask me.

I saw Michael Tolcher live, and it was a good concert. The album however, is not. Most of the songs on this irritate me ten seconds in, and there's not a single track here that is truly enjoyable.

Michael Tolcher has ripped off bands on this album, and has even admitted to it during his live performance. Half way through the song Miracle, he started singing the words to the Four Non Blondes song "What's Going On?" The chord progression is exactly the same, as is the melody.

If you're looking to discover a real musical treat, steer clear of Tolcher. Check out Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, Matt Nathanson, Ari Hest, etc. for similar artists who are actually talented.

Oh yeah, and I'm not thirteen.

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