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Youngstown OhioRain Man (Special Edition)
Published: 03 February, 2004
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio fake widescreen

I compared the widescreen with the pan & scan version which of both are on this disc and the "widescreen" is pan and scan with black bars on top and bottom masqaradeing as widescreen giving you even less of the original films panaramic view.

Youngstown Ohio Good to watch

Very funny and heartwarming movie about a "special" condition, one told with great grace and learning is not low in this movie. This movie can change ideas and sterotypes about people with Autism or anyother mental disease/problem whatever you may call it.

Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are great in this movie of two brothers who just met, one with a very short temper and one with a pretty unique view of life through a mental illness.

Youngstown Ohio Artistic?

I rate this movie 8/10. This movie is among the Best 1000 DVD's by Peter Travers, and won 4 Oscars in 1988, including Best Picture. Dustin Hoffman nails his character of an autistic brother of the always interesting Cruise. Hoffman got the Oscar for this performance. Cruise is in need of money, and it is all he cares about, not family, not relationships. He finds his brother by chance and tries to get part of the money he received after their father died. The movie is touching, but also funny. There is one terrific scene when Cruise stops at a shrink office to get some help, and when the nurse asks him what is the reason he is there, he says "My brother is autistic", and she asks: "Artistic? What is that ... ?" This scene is very funny, really funny. Also, when Hoffman wants 8 pieces of fish (instead of 4), Cruise finds a very easy and funny way to work that out. You have to see that for yourself. Hoffman, besides being an "excellent driver", can "gamble" really good. So they stop by Las Vegas to get some easy money and learn how to fall in love.
It's a really good movie, very entertaining, and very interesting. Some of us have to work with autistic people and we know how hard it is to have them doing something (at least, something of what we want them to do...). Very inspiring in that sense too.

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