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Youngstown Ohio5 Songs
Published: 04 March, 2003
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Youngstown Ohio As seen reclining on an ocean swell

I view the Decemberists as something like fine wine - an acquired taste, but they get better with time. In 5 SONGS, which actually consists of six, Colin Meloy's uniquely wonderful vocals, masterful storytelling and intimidating vocabulary come to a head - and combined with accordionistas, violinists, and your standard guitar/percussion/bass, you'd be hardpressed to find indie folk rock that sounded fresher or more exciting than this.

The songs themselves are six different stories in the ever-eclectic yarn of the Decemberists, with subjects ranging from World War II love stories ("My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist") to a heartfelt apology for losing a friend's bicycle ("Apology Song"). The wavering accordion-playing and acoustic guitar-strumming skates on impressive rhyme schemes stitched together with words like "provincial" and "ubiquitous," which make 5 SONGS, and indeed each successive Decemberists album, seem like a nineteenth century British novel. But who says there's anything wrong with that?

Whether you're a fan of altrock, folk rock, or indie in general, and if you're ready for something new and inimitably unique, I suggest you start here - and keep going.

Youngstown Ohio Top Class!

This is a fun EP and a great introduction to The Decemberists if you are unfamiliar with their music. All songs are strong here with the possible exception of the rather whimsical 'Apology Song'. The rest are really excellent, particularly 'Angel Won't You Call Me' and 'My Mother Was A Chinese Trapeze Artist'. This is an impressive group whose music is oddly satisfying - 5 Songs is a top class EP which leaves me wanting more.

Youngstown Ohio Is this a B sides cd??

If it is, then it is still better than anything else out there.
The songs are all catchy, quirky and charming. I heard some comments about apology song. The comment mentioned, it is some song about some kids bike that got stolen while a friend was watching it for the summer. I think if you listen closely the end reveals that not only was the bike stolen, but so was his girlfriend. I liked the final reveal, but the song that stole my heart and rendered me listless into my mudhole of mediocrity was 'My mother the trapese artist.' This is possibly the decemberists finest song. 'my sister was found by a communist who had deserted his rank and followed his dream, to start up a punk rock band in South Carolina' the writing is that good through the entire song. These guys are just too good. They make me realize just how average I really am.

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