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Youngstown Ohio2 PORT ULTRA FAST USB 2.0 PCI
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As of: November 07th, 2006 07:34:10 AM

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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Easy like 123.

The 2 Port Ultra fast USB 2.0 PCI was so easy to install my cat, Princess could have done it. It performs seamlessly as advertised. I will gladly recommend it to anyone considering the cost and the easy installation. My Multi-function printer is very happy.

Youngstown Ohio Value for price

I ordered two of these, one for my XP computer at work, and one for my ME computer at home. They're both working perfectly now, but the installation didn't go anything like the User's Manual suggested it would.

The physical installation is no problem at all for anyone who can take the cover off the computer and recognizes a PCI slot. Software's a different story. If you don't panic easily and are fairly familiar with installing new hardware, this should go pretty well, but if you're a total computer novice, be prepared for some scary moments.

Before I could use the new ports, my ME machine demanded three files it couldn't find (usbntmap.sys, usbstor.sys, and usbmphlp.pdr). I'm not sure if they should have been provided on the software disc for the USB ports, or whether this was a problem of the DVD writer I was plugging into the port, but my Googling for an answer (and successfully finding and downloading copies of those missing files) suggested that they should have been provided by the USB port maker. They're readily available on the internet, so it wasn't a real problem, but the installation took about two hours and was much more nervous than I'd like.

Still, the price is very right, and I now have working USB-2 ports on both home and office systems. If you're comfortable with your computer, I would't hesitate to recommend this product.

Youngstown Ohio It's not Mac compatible

Despite what the description says, this will not work on an Apple computer. The CD has no drivers for any Mac OS, the box clearly states that it's only built for Windows PCs.

CompUSA did refund my money and actually let me keep it (it wasn't worth it for them to pay for return shipping.)

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