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Youngstown OhioThe Parent Trap (Vault Disney Collection)
Published: 07 May, 2002
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Hate to Say It - But Liked the New One Much Better

I know that I'm going against the grain here after having read all of the 5 star reviews, but I just recently re-watched the original from the beginning after many, many years. What is amazing to me is how many vices are present in this movie. We always seem to refer to the 50's and 60's as the innocent years, but I was surprised to see the 'smoking' grandfather, the 'drinking' minister and the amount of yelling and screaming that went on between Mitch and Maggie. What I found the most disturbing was the face slap by Vickie at the end of the movie. You really don't see any of these things in the newer version and for my childen's sake, I'm glad. I have always liked both Hayley Mills and Maureen O'Hara and they are really terrific in this movie. Brian Keith is his usual self - I've never been very impressed with his acting abilities. Overall, I'm a much bigger Dennis Quaid fan and thought he played the part of the father very well - a much more touching version.

One thing that I did discover, which I thought was very clever on Disney's part was casting Joanna Barnes, who plays Vicky in the original, as Vicky Blake, Meredith's mother in the remake. Her use of the word 'pet' in both movies is what made me think it might be the same actress and sure enough, it is! Maybe everyone else realized this, but I did not. Bravo Disney.

I still think this is a classic Disney movie, but after having seen both of them recently again, my vote is for the newer version.

Youngstown Ohio I love The Parent Trap

I Probably watched this movie over 100 times. The new one with Lindsey Lohan was nice, but the old one is an original and more relaxing. Hayley Mills was great!

The story is about 2 girls who meet at summer-camp and are always fighting, because they look like each other--- or something like that. When they find out that they have the same parents and are sisters, one wants to meet her dad and one wants to meet her mother. As they do this, one of the parents have to unswitch them and they will have to meet.

I think this is a very fun movie and I never get tired of it.

Youngstown Ohio Cute movie

This is another of those Disney movies that so endeared the company to the families of america. Good fun for the family.

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