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Youngstown Ohio6 Volt Replacement Battery
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As of: November 07th, 2006 07:50:48 AM

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Youngstown Ohio 6 Volt Battery

I bought this battery to have on hand for when my daughter ran the other one that came with her barbie jazzy jeep out. It's working out really well and it's sure nice not hearing her nagging about her battery dying and not wanting to wait for it to recharge.

Youngstown Ohio Not Needed

The battery that was recommended was not needed. Besides, there was a shipping cost, so it was pointless to send it back. The 12 volt battery that is in the very cute car is weak, and at this time, we have not been able to find a replacement. If you buy the Corvette, do not buy the 6 volt battery.

Youngstown Ohio Not the right battery for the Harley

This is not the right battery for the Harley motorcycle it is being sold with. So now I'm stuck with a battery I can't return, and my MIL is out the $35 she paid because Amazon cross-promoted it.

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