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Youngstown OhioO Come All Ye Faithful: Christmas Carols at King's College, Cambridge
Published: 25 October, 1990
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Excellence of King's College Choir Continues

I have heard these pieces by the choir on radio and TV. Yet it is always refreshing to hear them again. The excellence of performance compels the trained ear to listen again, and again. I was a college and parish choir director for thirty years. During those years I sang the classical choral literature - from Schuetz to Bach ot Brahms. This is an enjoyable recording.

Bruce R. Backer
Professor emeritus
Martin Luther College
New Ulm MN

Youngstown Ohio My favorite Christmas CD

The approach of every Christmas season for the last 12 years or so has meant for me that it's time to pull out this CD. When I first heard it years ago I was captivated by the purity of tone of the choir and soloists, the virtuosity of the organ accompaniment, and the wonderful cathedral resonance captured by the recording.

This CD introduced me to several carols which have become favorites with me, such as "Once in Royal David's City" and "In the Bleak Midwinter." The a cappella rendition of "Silent Night" here is also perhaps the most memorable and moving I've ever heard. The finale "O Come All Ye Faithful" overflows with grandness, glory, and hope.

I believe other Christians would find this a most stirring recording, as I have. I also recommend it to anyone in general who loves the traditions of Christmas.

Youngstown Ohio O Come All Ye Faithful/King's College Choir

This is the first album I put on each holiday season while decorating. King's College Choir under Stephen Cleobury is magnificent always, but, in addition, this recording's uncanny fidelity makes the listener feel like they're right there in the stalls, eyes closed, listening intently. Indeed a page-turn during the second verse of Silent Night, as well as many combination action thumps/organ-stop changes from the imposing & beautiful Harrison and Harrison pipe organ are easily heard on this CD. That transparency is part of the joy of this recording. As well, several of the songs' descants are just awesome and the ensemble between the men and boys is astounding.

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