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Youngstown OhioThe Groove Tube
Published: 30 May, 2000
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Funny movie, terrible DVD transfer

A lot of the skits are dated but the non-dated stuff is hilarious. Unless you are a baby boomer you won't get the dated jokes, unless you know about Pop culture of the early 70's. The DVD video quality is awful though, they could have did a better transfer. The video is dull and grainy. Its also a Pan & Scan 4:3 ratio! What happened to the widescreen??

Youngstown Ohio Boring and amateurish - you can have my VHS for free

I'm a great fan of all kinds of comedy, but this is incredibly amateurish and boring. Unfunny sketches that go on and on, completely unfunny. If you pay the postage, you can have my VHS copy for no extra charge. Otherwise I'll just throw it away. Awful.

Youngstown Ohio one of the most funny bunch of skits ever put on film!!!!

Oh...........where do I begin. Just one of the most nasty,raunchy funny as hell movies. Between the Talking,"package" warning you about VD and other diseases you could if he had some experence with the subject! And lets not forget Koko the clown,...that caught me of guard...jees...a clown reading the most raunchy part of a romance novel, and the sex olempics,... MY GOD! Great movie if you love SNL type skits,NUDE WOMEN,twisted humor and as a bonus you get to see some of your favorite stars (Richard Belzer, Chevy Chase) before they were household names. Highly recomended!*****

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