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Youngstown Ohio90 Degrees South: With Scott to the Antarctic
Published: 28 December, 1999
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Must Watch for fans of South Polar Exploration

Keep in mind this film was shot at the turn of the century, so don't expect to see IMAX or Matrix type camera work.

That being said, it is a beautiful piece of history. After reading "The Worst Journey in the World" I was curious to get a visual of what these men went through. There is wonderful footage of life on the Terra Nova and at camp. The fact that this film has survived is a true testament to the fact "that they don't make them like they used to." One of my favorite parts is footage of a footbal (soccer match) where the VO casually mentions " we are playing football in minus 50 degree weather..."

Great wildlife footage and some Ansel Adams style landscape shots. Simply breath taking.

Again, it is important to note the film was made in 1912 and VO was supplied later in 1933 I believe. So you may find it a little corny. It brought back memories of elementary school social studies and watching topical videos.

In any case, as a historical diary, as a visual first, as a test of time, it is a great film. You may want to supplement with the Imax Antartica DVD. Visually it is unbelievable and gives you a color and under water look of the land. But 90 Degrees South has that "true story" substance which makes it eerie to watch.

Youngstown Ohio Amazing Documentary!

A surprisingly moving documentary including not just incredible cinematography but a harrowing tale of heroism. Captain Scott's doomed expedition was an attempt that would be called preposterous even by today's standards. The route taken was unbelievably difficult. Approximately 15 minutes of the film is wasted on wildlife scenes that are average. However, the exploration details exposed in this film are amazing and the bravery of these men rivals any similiar story in history.

Youngstown Ohio History Has Its Say

Poor Scott. Roald Amundsen, with much less publicity and a fraction the cost, made it to the South Pole before Scott's expedition for any number of reasons, one of which was surely Scott's foolhardiness. But for decades after the failed expedition, Amundsen was considered the villain for having involved poor Scott in the race for the pole in the first place! That Scott and his team were largely unprepared and ill-equipped (the mule-teams they used were a disastrous waste of equine - and eventually human - life), this film doesn't make clear. However, as a record of a man's ambition and the ability to endure the most extreme hardship (even if Scott and his men perished to a man on the bitter trek home) make this film record a quite unique and harrowing experience.

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