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Youngstown OhioTo Touch Is to Live: The Need for Genuine Affection in an Impersonal World
Published: November, 2002
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Author: Mariana Caplan
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Youngstown Ohio Intimacy as an essential component for a healthy childhood

Now in a substantially revised edition (the previous edition was titled "Untouched"), To Touch Is To Live by Mariana Caplan (California Institute of Integral Studies) affirms the importance of touch and intimacy as an essential component for a healthy childhood, as well as the phenomena of therapeutic touch, and the relationships of touching to human sexuality. A very special chapter clearly details "the wrong kind of touch" that is classified as sexual abuse, and offers assistance in coping with its negative fallout. A deeply insightful and understanding guide for an increasingly isolated and distant nation, To Touch Is To Live is strongly recommended reading for parents, child-care providers, teachers, counselors, as well as adult non-specialist general readers wanting to better understand this basic and fundamental aspect of human nature and sexual love.

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