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Youngstown OhioThe 6th & 7th Books of Moses: Moses' Magical Spirit-Art
Published: September, 1999
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Author: Paul Tice
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio One of the better versions of this text

All of the various issues of this volume share the copy machine look when it comes to the printing of the various plates. This one is, as good as any I have seen.

It is far superior to "The Sealed Magical Book of Moses" which actually leaves out much of the material of this text, inserts too much material that doesn't pertain to the historical material, and is printed in a single sided format, in a plastic report binder.

Youngstown Ohio A very powerful book of magic

OK, the printing isn't too good. Maybe it's a forgery, maybe it's not. That's not the point. If you believe in something and infuse it with power, it becomes a potent and valid instrument. Personally, I have worked almost every seal and table in this book and it is some of the most powerful magic I've ever done. BTW, I've been doing this stuff for a long time and have much for a basis for comparison. With all respect for everyone elses opinion, the workings contained within these pages have changed my life. Wisdom and blessings are wisdom and blessings no matter what their source. If anyone has any practical working experiences with this book, I invite you to email me to share and compare experiences. The address is Blessings to all.

Youngstown Ohio looks like the copy machine did a bad job

After I got the book and looked through it, I found there were many places were the ink was so sloppy that you couldn't even read certian parts, It looks like a copy of a copy.

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