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Published: October, 2001
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Author: Noam Chomsky
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Fantastic Little Book !!!

I am a big fan of Noam Chomsky, and if you like to read a short book about 9/11 and the lies and deceptions attached to this tragic event, I highly recommend this book.

Youngstown Ohio Good read for the open minded person

I thought this book was a good read. I don't totally agree with all of Chomsky's views, but getting an semi-alternative view was good. I think he does press a little too much by accusing the US and Israel of being terrorist. We (the US) didn't specifically target civilians by hitting the towers, but I think the book sheds light on that we were involved in activities that killed many innocent people, not that we wanted people dead but to maintain control. I can't agree that with Chomsky that we shouldn't have played a role in Afghanistan during the 80's. It was a good way to indirectly hurt the Soviet Union. But our previous administrations foreign policies failed to protect us with what happened on 9-11. If something remotely similiar happens again, then the Bush administration has failed. The book is good to read if you are open-minded and not-biased against or for the US, Israel, or who ever. Chomsky makes the US look bad so if you the American thats refuses to accept our wrongdoing don't read it. If you are anti-Bush and whatever, reading it might fuel your bias. If you are more moderate then its a great book to give you some things to think about but don't take everything to seriously but seriously don't outright deny any possiblities.

Youngstown Ohio Oh boy, more "lets understand the terrorist" garbage

The religion of peace is at it again! In response to the popes words, muslims all over the world respond with violence, destruction, rage, hatred, burning down buildings, burning papal effigies, issuing fatwas against the pope, and even shooting a 70 year old nun in the back. Wow, such peace from a religion of "peace". If Islam is a religion of peace, then all the guns in the world are pink flowers, and every nuclear bomb, a soft feathery pillow. Violence for words. Destruction for speech. PLEASE! This is a religion of war, and bereft mindless 70 year old bags like Noam have begun to lose a lot of mental function with age. This old bag of a man gives Muslims free passes and blames America.

Question: When will the world start holding to account the actions of Muslims, and stop blaming others, such as Bush, America, the Pope, or God knows who else? How many more innocent people will die at the hand of Muslims before the western world finally, and for the first time, holds the Muslims accountable for their own actions, rather than someone else?

Well Im sick of the left defending this vile cesspool of Islamofacism. Im tired of the leftist media beating up on Israel and coming to the side of middle-eastern tyrants who shoot 70 year old nuns in the back in response to spoken words. And then these radical leftists have the audacity blame the pope! Can you believe it?!! Yes, idiots all over the western world actually blame the pope for the mindless violence and destruction that followed from a spoken word. Its unreal! A grown man got a gun, deliberately aimed it at a 70 year old woman's backside, and deliberately pulled the trigger, purposefully killing her in cold blood....and yet according to socialist America-hating leftists, he couldn't help it. Its not his fault...its the Pope's fault guys! Respond to words with violence, and then blame the speaker, absolving the person who actually commits the violence of responsibility. As absurd as that sounds, I'm sad to say there are actually people all over the world who think that. And they are idiots (like Noam)

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