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Youngstown OhioA Valentine Kiss: Cupids Bow\Made In Heaven\Matchmaker (Arabesque)
Published: 01 January, 2004
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Author: Brenda Jackson
Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Good read, espcially Brenda Jackson...

I got this book because Ms. Jackson contributed Kyle and Kimara's story (Cupid's Bow). I have read about them in other books, but it was good to go back and see how they got started. Fans of Brenda Jackson will not be disappointed. Her writing style is superb and the love scene -- WHOA!!

The other two stories are okay, just not my favorite. A good read for romance fans.

Youngstown Ohio Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoyed everyone of these stories. The first story is about two elderly ladies trying to get their grandchildren together, and even though the attraction is strong, there's one problem, the handsome leading man in the story. Can he let go of the past to find true love? The second story is by one of my favorites, Brenda Jackson, and is also part of the Madrais series. Kimara has liked Kyle since her teenage years but he has never paid her any attention, will the help of a meddlesome grandfather and his will bring the two together? The last story is about a woman who even though named after the holiday (Valentine) does not believe in love, let alone love at first sight, until she meets handsome Eric Fitzgerald. Will Eric make her believe in love again?

Youngstown Ohio 3 ladies that know how to get to your heart

The orginal reason I got this book was because of Brenda Jackson Cupids Bow. I was reading her books on the Madaris Brothers and wanted to read them in order. Well, when I first got the book I only read her story which was great. Kimara getting a chase to be with the man of her dreams it was breath taking. But I decided to go ahead and read the others stories. Matchmaker was a wonderful story about 2 woman that were neighbors matching up Justin small town sheriff and Camille who works & lifes in the city it was a great story with Justin not wanting to fall in love with a woman from the city but it was in the cards to happen. Made In Heaven, Co-owner of a match making company falls in love with a clinet. All three story truly touched my heart. I look forward to the next books you ladies write together.

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