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Youngstown Ohio5 A Day: Savor the Flavor of Fruits and Vegetables
Published: 04 January, 2003
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Author: Elizabeth Pivonka
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Inaccurate nutritional information

The book is basically laid out well but unfortunately, the nutritional information is computed incorrectly. If a reader is watching for lowfat recipes, the numbers given would be misleading.
For example, the apple walnut salad is said to serve 6 people with each serving containing 4.6 grams of fat. However, with 66 to 70 grams of fat in the entire recipe, the fat grams per serving would be 10 to 11 grams. Quite a difference!
Also, the chicken & grapefruit stir fry would have at least 6 grams of fat per serving rather than the 3 grams stated in the book. This problem would be significant for those with heart or coronary artery disease who are attempting to follow a very lowfat diet. I'm surprised the authors didn't have a nutritionist check these computations before going to press.

Youngstown Ohio Informative book with great recipes

What a great book! We all know we should be getting 5 fruits and vegetables a day, but this book shows you how to do it - and do it easily.

The beginning section tells you why 5 fruits and vegetables a day are so important to your health, and gives you a few hints as to how to make easy substitutions that will up your daily count of vegetables and fruits (for example: use dried fruits instead of nuts when making muffins and breads). It gives advice on how to incorporate fruits & veggies into your meals - e.g., buy a new produce item every week - and shows you how to update typical meals to add more fruits & veggies.

The majority of the book is recipes, broken down into sub-categories: fish and shellfish, side dishes, appetizers, breakfasts, fruit salads, etc. The recipes are well laid-out, with helpful labels like "30 minutes or less" and "make ahead." They include nutritional information as well as the number of fruit & vegetable servings. I wish this section included more pictures, as the ones they do include are really helpful.

I found this to be an extremely helpful book. Not only do you get many healthy - and appetizing - recipes, but the front section of the book is a powerful reminder for why it's so important to get your 5 a day. I highly recommend it.

Youngstown Ohio Terrific Book!

A great recipe book to get those extra fruits and vegetables in your diet. Well written, nice layout with some wonderful, mouthwatering pictures. Some delicious recipes that aren't quite the ordinary, but yet aren't so different you're afraid to try them....or can't find the ingredients. Highly recommended!

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