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Youngstown Ohio5087 Trivia Questions & Answers
Published: 01 October, 1999
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Author: Marsha Kranes
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio I've found a flaw!

Although I found this quiz book very tough going at first, once I found the answers in the back of the book I found myself getting the questions right about ninety per cent of the time! Come on give us a challenge!


The way this book is formatted, it overcomes some problems that many other trivia books share. For starters it is neatly categorized so that the reader can easily access trivia related to a particular (broad) category, instead of everything being scrambled together as is often the case.

secondly, it is in a question and answer format with questions on one side of a page and their answers on the reverse side. Frequently, I have found myself bouncing back and forth from the front section of a book where the questions are found to the back section for their answers. Just turning the page for the answer is really helpful.

Some of the answers do amaze you, while others make you laugh, or add to your store of useful knowledge.

Some examples:

Q. "What is unusual about Mona Lisa's eyebrows in ...Davinci's Painting?
A. "She has none."

Q. "What was the hometown of Sgt. Snorkel in Beetle Bailey?" A. "Pork Corners, Kansas"

Here's a great one:

Q. "On what vegetable did an ancient Egyptian place his right hand when taking an oath?"
A. "The onion, its round shape symbolized eternity."

I could go on and on, but let me end with just one more.

Q. "Where did the British regae band UB40 get its name?"
A. "From the code number on the British unemployment benefit card."

There are 5 thousand plus entries in every category from "A" (Arts and Literature) to 2 entries under "W" (War and the Military and The World).

You can have a lot of fun with this book, I know that I do.

Youngstown Ohio a nice trivia book

while a lot of the info in this book useless info it is still a fun read.I got a long time ago and i still read it from time to time. i do not know if they still sale it, but i would say it is a good buy.

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