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Youngstown OhioZachary Scott: Hollywood's Sophisticated CAD (Hollywood Legends Series)
Published: March, 2006
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Author: Ronald L. Davis
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Half the story is better than none...I suppose.

Zachary Scott was not famous enough an actor to warrant more than one biography. Davis had complete access to Scott's family and friends and to archival material never before tapped. He supplies much factual information previously unknown to the general public. But Davis refuses to face head on Scott's alcoholism and homosexuality. He pussyfoots around these issues oh so gingerly, so genteelly that the reader can only guess how these aspects of Scott's personal life contributed to his one-dimensionality as an actor. Davis blames studio bosses for stereotyping Scott in his film roles, but surely Scott himself was at least partially to blame. Scott's failure to deal with his personal demons no doubt contributed to the limitations in his performances. Sadly, Davis allows Scott to continue in this charade. The result is a biography with little psychological depth. And because Scott is a minor figure in film history, it's not likely that a more probing biography will ever see print. This same problem mars Davis's earlier biography of Van Johnson. However, Johnson is still alive and may yet write an autobiography. Unfortunately, in Scott's case--the books are closed.

Youngstown Ohio A Forgotten Leading Man

I have always been curious about what happened to Zachary Scott - he just seemed to disappear after several years as a leading man. This biography was very informative about his life, albeit, a little slow in the childhood and beginnings but it picked up nicely. It was interesting to know that he came from a very prominent and wealthy family in Texas. His personal life was chronicled in a thorough way and I felt the book was very much worth reading. I bought it and put in my library of Hollywood memorabilia and history.

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