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Youngstown OhioHow Can One Sell The Air?: Chief Seattle's Vision
Published: 28 February, 2005
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Author: Eli Gifford
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Youngstown Ohio A rallying cry for today's environmental protection movement

Chief Seattle, leader of the Seattle Native American tribe called the Suquamish, gave an eloquent speech to Isaac Stevens, the Territorial Governor on January 10, 1854 during treaty negotiations. His impassioned and moving plea to respect the "Sacred Web of Life" has been translated world wide and is a rallying cry for today's environmental protection movement. Now in a newly revised edition, How Can One Sell The Air?: Chief Seattle's Vision presents his timeless insights drawn from three of his most often quoted speeches, some of which had been included in the Seattle tribe's oral tradition and to which they gave their official endorsement for authenticity. This expanded addition for a new generation of readers is enhanced with background information on Chief Seattle, the history of the region at that time, and the culture of the Suquamish then and now. The informed and informative text is enriched with rare historical photographs (many from the Suquamish Tribal Archives) of 19th century tribal village life. How Can One Sell The Air? is an essential addition to any personal, academic, or community library Native American Studies collection.

Youngstown Ohio How can one sell the air?: Chief Seattles's Vision

Does it make any sense to discuss whether the speech is originally written by Chief Seattle or not? The most importent sense is to get thoughts we - the Europeans and the Not-native Americans - have lost in organizing our modern civilization and technics. By the speech of Chief Seattle we can find back to mankind's roots.

Youngstown Ohio Chief Seattle challenges people to stop abusing the earth

The great speech by Chief Seattle is in pointed contrast to the slanders of uptight white males who want to pretend he didn't say these things. As a feminist who is challenging patriarchal oppressions of the enviornment, I find Chief Seattle's words a great inspiration to me.

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