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Youngstown OhioColonial Style: Creating Classic Interiors in Your Cape, Colonial, or Saltbox House
Published: 01 February, 2005
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Author: Treena Crochet
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio too rustic for my taste

This book has pretty pictures, but focuses on a more rustic colonial home. Think charming, yet squeeky, New England Inn. I was hoping for some pictures and ideas for a more "updated" Colonial with larger rooms. A little less "shabby chic" and more "classic decorating".

I only write this review to guide others. The book is nice and is perfect for that person who likes the older, historic-feeling home.

Youngstown Ohio Great ideas and inspiration

As proud new owners of an antique home in Marblehead, MA -- built circa 1720 -- we were thrilled to find Treena Crochet's "Colonial Style." It helped greatly in getting our creative juices in motion. And the author even took time to respond to my e-mail inquiry about a ceiling issue which had us stumped. The book is a real pleasure to own -- just like our antique home! Ann and Mike

Youngstown Ohio Good for some ideas.

I'm a traditionalist in the sense that I want to preserve the integrity of my old house 1765, and I'm looking at options with regards to bringing some of the old feel within a newer addition.

I actually thought this book had more actual period interiors, but they're a combination of some old with more new construction approximating the look of old with varying degrees of success.

What I feel is successful is retaining period color and contruction to mimic the period. I'm all for modernization where appropriate but not at the expense of destroying the fabric of history for modern convenience. To haphazardly mimic a style becomes mere embelishment which is fine in new construction but unconscionable distruction to an actual historic property.

18th century or 17th century structures didn't use bright colors and lighting. Part of the charm in an actual period home is viewing the environment as it was ment to be viewed. Much like the distain people have for colorized films, so goes bright overhead lights in a 18th century colonial keeping room.
The warm glow of candlelight or there aproximating that allows the room to feel as it was. (why and where blue, red, green etc. were or were not used and why).

On the otherhand, juxtaposing contemporary modern convieniences within an attached modern structure (relatively speaking) or renovation a disintigrating section, while intergating and leaving the old as art and accent from old can be a wonderful contrast in texture and environment.

This book is more along the lines of renovation, maybe restoration is a stretch but you might get some helpful photos. It's definitly not in the preservation category.

Overall I've gotten some descent ideas for my renovation project.

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