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Youngstown OhioA Journey into Dorothy Parker's New York (ArtPlace series)
Published: 01 December, 2005
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Author: Marion Meade
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio A Charming and Excellent Guide to Mrs. Parker and her New York

This book is an unusual creation, equal parts "coffee table book" and truly informative resource. It's well laid-out, with plenty of direct and indirect information and trivia available in well constructed sidebars.

Mr. Fitzpatrick's gifts are such that the book is one that will appeal equally to the Parker scholar and to the those who have just stumbled over her reputation for the first time.

I recommend it!

Eileen Forster Keck
Director, Robert Benchley Society

Youngstown Ohio "Must-have" for all fans of Parker and her era in New York

In his years running the Dorothy Parker Society of New York, Kevin Fitzpatrick has gathered astounding details about the New York of Dorothy Parker. Book in hand you walk where Mrs. Parker walked. And best of all, so many of the landmarks --the Algonquin hotel where Mr. Benchley and Mrs. Parker and their Round Table held forth, the apartment buildings in which she lived, the many of the theatres where she reviewed plays-- are still standing and look pretty much as they did in the 1920s and 30s. And for what has been lost Mr. Fitzpatrick supplies photos. The book is full of high-quality vintage photographs, some never before published.

The casual reader will find the book visual candy and a delight to read. The Parker or jazz-age scholar will find attention to detail and copious use of original source worthy of an academic tome, but written with a touch as light (and as insightful) as a Parker witicism.

I recommend it highly

Chairman, Robert Benchley Society

Youngstown Ohio A fun and informative New York city 1920s history lesson

I luuuuuuved it! I thought the information, the history, the architecture, the photos, the trivia nuggets---everything was just so interesting and thought-provoking. I was especially struck by the list of sayings/words first attributed to Dorothy Parker. The book ties together so many aspects of New York City in the 1920s. It's educational and fun!

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