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Youngstown Ohio60 Visions: A Book of Prophecy
Published: 01 March, 2005
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Author: Bob Marley
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Awesome Book

This book is awesome. It put together very nicely and with a touch of class. The pictures are incredible and the quotes are better. A perfect choice for Bob Marley fans!!

Youngstown Ohio 60 Visions: A Book of Prophecy

60 Visions is a great buy for any true Bob Marley fan. A beautifully put together, pocket sized companion that has great pictures inside but above that - offers the thoughts and wisdom of a modern day prophet. The size of the book is symbolic of the man's message, humble but strong enough to reach the heart of any one who listens. This should not be treated like a book but rather like a collection of thoughts to meditate on. Enjoy!

Youngstown Ohio 60 Visions: A Book of Prophecy

This book is great. I wish it contained a little bit more substance. However, it is a must have for Bob Marley fans.

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