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Youngstown OhioA Race Against Time: Racial Heresies for the 21st Century
Published: September, 2003
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Author: Jared Taylor
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Wow! I'm NOT Alone!

I think this book states what most thinking people know via everyday observation, but due to this period of PC "thought control" are unfortunately afraid to discuss with each other except in hushed tones behind closed doors. Nature and evolution are neither good nor bad, nor fair, or unfair, they simply "are," and to try and manufacture egalitarian fantasies re the unquestioned inherent intellectual and moral equality of all, is usually transparent to most with eyes, ears, and a functioning brain. European man did not invent Voodoo or the culture of female genital mutilation, however his/her science and technology landed man on the moon and invented the internet. This is not fiction, but fact. I think this book is very well thought out, well written, and a dire warning re the bleak future of the civilized world, asian/eurocentiric culture, and scientific advancement if we continue on with our social fantasies and tolerance for outright lies by the academic and political powers that be. In all of nature, there are species/races of creatures that excel and those that stagnate and die, and those that are parasitic - only God/Creator knows why. This book humbly attempts to touch on some of these fundamental questions without hate, but in a neutral and dispassionate manner. I rated it four instead of five stars b/c I was a bit disappointed with the authors lack of regard for the benefits of Buddhist thought over straight sole preference for Christianity. But buy it and read with an "OPEN" mind, and maybe you will realize that you're not alone either!

Youngstown Ohio Reveals The Truth about Racial Differences

I first read the Bell Curve (cover to cover), which finally opened my eyes to the reality of race and genetic differences that have serious (ignored) social implications. I then read A Race Against Time, which was just as enlightening. In one text you get a variety of views and perspectives on race and the challenges faced by white america. It is a must read to bring you up to speed on the facts of race. I'm now reading Race, Evolution and Behavior by J. Philippe Rushton. This book is your best investment in reading the facts about race and impacts.

Youngstown Ohio Brave New World

This book dares to say what most of us only whisper behind closed doors.

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