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Youngstown OhioThe San Antonio TEX-MEX Cookbook
Published: 01 May, 2000
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Author: Elizabeth Blakeley
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio The person who rated this with one star is a complete and total idiot, at BEST

I ordered this, because I love this type of food, and because I want to in some small way make up for the total moron who rated it with one star. She said because she does not know what the food is supposed to look like, and there are no pictures of the food in it. What planet is she from?

Hey, there are thousands of cookbooks out there with no color glossy pro photos of the food you idiot. Like most of the Junior League ones, and the entire 'Best of the Best' series, just as a tip of the iceburg. And I don't mean iceburg lettuce. I recently inquired about the cost of printing up a couple of hundred recipes with COLOR PICTURES, and it was on the order of $18. a BOOK. Now, if you only want cookbooks that are done from big name chefs, with big bucks behind their publishing, just stumble your way into your local bookstore and buy them.

But some of the very BEST cookbooks, with the most authentic recipes do not have photos. A lot are self-published. Now if the average person does the self-publishing route, and spends $18 to please some idiot, then tries to make a PROFIT on it- heaven help us what it would cost. Then the whiner would say it had a tacky binding. Or something.

How about this? Why don't you COOK some of the recipes and see how they TASTE? Then judge it. Did you knock your grandmother's recipe box because there were no glossy photos? Did she even bother to write any of her recipes DOWN? I say efforts like this author has made are well worth it and helps ALL OF US. And I thank her very much for the effort that it takes. Anyway, I now can safely say, having it in hand, it IS worth more than 5 stars.

I know, I should not be so mad about someone zipping in and totally trying to wreck a person's life and livelyhood. But it pisses me off big time having been the victim of it a few too many times myself.

Youngstown Ohio It could have been better

It could have been better.

Youngstown Ohio A Big Hit

This book provided me with new ideas on how to spice up my old and bland receipes. I am truly enjoying the excitment this is putting into my cooking. Elizabeth has captured the flavor of Mexico with a Texas / US flair. A great addition to any bodies cooking.

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