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Youngstown OhioA Sacred Path : The Way of the Muscogee Creeks
Published: 15 January, 2001
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Author: Jean Haya-Atke Hiyutke Chaudhuri
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Politics and Religion Do No Mix

This is an interesting book in terms of what it has to say about Creek religious concepts. It makes mistakes, however, when it tackles Creek politics, which it oversimplifies. The authors mask their opinions as facts when it comes to politics, and they definitely seem to have a "full blood is politically correct" notion. In several places, they attack the legacy of McIntosh without giving his side of the story. Indeed, they go so far at to criticise Chief Dode McIntosh for being proud of his Scottish blood, and attending a McIntosh clan reunion in Scotland wearing a kilt (they fail to mention he also wore native american garb at the Scottish reunion, clearly proud of his role as an ambassador for the Creeks). Chief Dode McIntosh was at least as proud of his Creek blood as he was of his Scottish blood, and he did many good things for his people. Creek politics, and the role of the McIntosh family in same, is much more complicated than these authors explain. They should have stayed out of politics, or at least written those aspects in an unbiased fashion for the reader to come to his own conclusions. Otherwise, the book is an interesting read for its cultural aspects.

Youngstown Ohio A Thoughtful and Gentle Journey Through Creek Tradition!!

As a Native woman I am cautious about books that focus on Indian history, tradition, and sacred concepts. There are so many new age books that use Native thought and ceremony in ways that would not be looked upon as appropriate by our elders and our tribal members. But this book stands out as a thoughtful telling of a very important story - the history and story of the Creek Nation through the eyes of a Creek woman and her husband. They drew from many who have passed and the authors were careful with detail and description of those who contributed to the wealth of information. Their commitment to accuracy and respect results in a thoughtful tribute to the Creek Nation, where they came from, where they've been and how they got there. In support of this is the fact that the book is endorsed by Creek leaders who hold the authors in high esteem. The writing style is as if you are sitting in the room with the storytellers - it is so real I can picture of face of the storyteller. The authors paint a glorious and often tragic picture of the history, the legends and mysticism of the Muscogee to tell the story of the Creek people. I am richer for having read this book - I bought copies for all of the members of my family. I learned from the journey and it has certainly given me a great respect for my sister Tribe.

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