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Youngstown OhioE Pluribus Unum
Published: June, 1979
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Author: Forrest McDonald
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Youngstown Ohio One of the Best books of it's kind

In the 1920s and 30s socialism was all the rage among the "literate" types in US universities as well as Universities world-wide. A writer named Charles Beard made a name for himself in the field of American historiography by claiming that the Founders wrote the Constitution based only on their avarice and greed, that economics was the sole reason that the country was formed. And it was an economics of exclusion, greed and elitism that they created, too. Beard was an avowed socialist and communist and his agenda was to knock down the USA's reputation as the democratic light of the world a few pegs, if not to totally destroy it. He succeeded for several decades.

Then came Forrest McDonald..

In 1965, McDonald shattered that anti-American, socialist paradigm. In his two most important books, E Pluribus Unum and Novus Oedo Seclorum, he revealed the philosophical influences as well as the economic ones that guided the minds of the Founders and their contemporaries. And exclusion, elitism and avarice were not some of those principles and philosophies.

McDonald's works are easily read by one not historically versed and clearly laid out. They are a must read if you want an introduction to early American thinkers and their goals and influences.

Youngstown Ohio E Pluribus Unum

~E Pluribus Unum: The Formation of the American Republic, 1776-1790~ is an astute and intriguing look at the formative years of the American Republic. The United States was taking shape from the days of the Confederation to the 1787 Constitutional Convention and many pivotal debates emerged as to the nature of the burgeoning federal republic. Particular emphasis is placed also on the Washington Administration and . McDonald offers an informative and intriguing scholarship, which is a solid contribution to constitutional history and early American history.

Youngstown Ohio Ignore the 3 bad revies from one person

It appears that one person from the same university reviewed the book 3 times and gave it only one star. Someone is trying to smear the book and bring down its rating.. Read it for yourself and ignore the ramblings of ignorant, lazy college kids.

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