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Youngstown OhioA Dance With Deception: Revealing the Truth Behind the Headlines
Published: July, 1993
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Author: Charles Colson
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Potato chip editorials.

I am not a frequent Christian radio listener, so my first exposure to Charles Colson's "BreakPoint" is through this collection of the commentator's first year or so of on the air editorializing. The comments are gathered together in chapter groups that revolve around similiar themes, thus making subjects you would like to focus on easier to find. The shortness of the commentary makes for a quick, yet informative, read. Just be forwarned, reading A Dance with Deception is like munching on a bag of Lay's Potato Chips, once you start nibbling you will find it almost impossible to stop with just one. Recommended.

Youngstown Ohio Great reading

How do I get in touich with Chuck Colson. I would like to invite me to speak at our District event

Youngstown Ohio A powerful critique of issues facing society

Colson once again pulls no punches and lays out the truth behind the headlines and the social issues effecting our nation and world. From education, to politics to worldviews, this book lays out the truth behind the irrational and deceptive media/world.

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