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Youngstown OhioFrom the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War against Zimbabwe, 1965-1980
Published: 05 December, 2000
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Author: Gerald Horne
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio biased and inconcise

I bought the book because I wanted to know more about the implications and decisions made in the USA that would influence that 'other war against communism in the 1970s', in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe . I was very dissaponted by the book, since it so utterly racist (towards the whites in Rhodesia) that I cannot take anything for granted that is written down.

Mr Home should try to write history as a historian, namely with prejudice and retrospection. If he wants to write with retrospect, I suggest he introduces a chapter about Zimbabwe after the war, in which he should talk about the tyranny and cruelty of Mugabe and his cronies. Seen in that light, Rhodesia wasn't so bad.

Youngstown Ohio Pablum

Poorly researched, opinionated drivel that is liberally spiced with half-truths and falsehoods. The book is a disappointment to anyone having real knowledge of the subject matter.

Youngstown Ohio The Southern Connection

Gerald Horne shows clearly how the U.S.A. encouraged the White Population to defy international law and set up Rhodesia. It show the tragic role American mercenaries played in maintaining this state.

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