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Youngstown OhioTaking a Chance on God : Liberating Theology for Gays, Lesbians, and Their Lovers, Families, and Friends
Published: 01 May, 1996
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Author: John J. McNeill
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio Very important book

I got this book for my birthday one year after finding it on the shelf at a bookstore. Being a part of the minority group of gay Christians, I was intrigued. The "target audience" for the book is for homosexuals and their loved ones, but it really could be read by anyone, and I think it should be. McNeill offers theology on living in fear, guilt, shame, anger, and living with pathological faith and the importance of maturing spiritually. I think any Christian can relate to any (if not all) of these topics, and not just struggling gay Christians. It's the kind of book that you may want to read with a pencil or pen in your hand so you can underline parts that are important to you. (That's what I did.) This is a caring, humble, and comforting book, and one that I highly recommend and cherish.

Youngstown Ohio WHOSE "Theology" is this? The author's, that's whose.

While I appreciate the author's service to his country,(he talks a great deal about this), homosexuality is a sin, regardless. The author appears to somehow want to use the fact that he served in the army to justify his homosexuality. No matter how many purple hearts or medals of honor or other decorations a veteran may have, that does not excuse him from stealing or lying or murdering or committing homosexual acts. Elsewhere the author says he needed to abandon his "neurotic fears about AIDS that kept him from freely living a homosexual lifestyle." There is nothing "neurotic" about fearing a disease that can kill a person in such a slow, horrible fashion, and at an age 20 to 40 years younger than normal! Furthermore, the author fails to mention the other 25 or so diseases homosexuals are prone to, such as genital and anal warts, anal cancer, chlamydia, and a host of others. Anyone wishing to read about the terrible dangers of homosexual sex need only search the internet briefly. There is loads of information out there. Finally, the author speaks of homosexual love many, many times. Nowhere, however, in his book does he talk about what such "love" means in far too many cases. For tremendous numbers of homosexual men, it means having sex with many hundreds, and even thousands of other men, the great majority of whom are complete strangers. Back in the 1960's, when hitchhiking was still popular, I myself was propositioned several times by males who gave me a ride or whom I gave a ride. Such men would have had anal or oral sex with me without any concern whatsoever about who I was, what my habits were, or who I had previously had sex with. Behavior such as that is TERRIBLY DANGEROUS, yet it still goes on today unhindered. Here is some theology I believe makes excellent sense: If God approves of homosexuality, why is such behavior cursed in that those who indulge in it come down with so many terrible diseases and die 20 to 40 years younger than the heterosexual male population? Answer: God does not approve of homosexuality.

Youngstown Ohio Pro Gay, Pro Christian!!!

I am a gay ordained minister of the gospel, and this book helped me accept my homosexuality. It is suberbly written and researched. A must for anyone coming out, and a definite must for any minsiter workign with the gay community. God bless the author.

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