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Youngstown OhioA Parable About the King
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Author: Beth Moore
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio King of Kings

This book makes it easy for you to teach your little one about the Gospel of Jesus. It taught me a lot too! It's very similar to the book, "Now I Know the Ten Commandments" - very colorful. It has examples of current day problems and how they are handled according to the Bible. I would recommend this book to every mother and grandmother who have a desire to teach their child about our Lord. Thank you.

Youngstown Ohio Awesome book!

This is a fantastic book. The illustrations are truly amazing and the moral of the story is inspiring for young girls, boys and for adults! I will be purchasing this wonderful children's book for all of my friends who are expecting!

Youngstown Ohio Mother from Sun Prairie

Brilliant! The little princess who did not want to clean her room ran off to join the rumpled street kids. Her experience which at first was liberating and fun became ugly and shameful to her. Her father the king quietly witnessed her disobedience and patiently waited for her to return home on her own.
Upon her return he forgave her,cleaned her up and tucked her to bed. I have a four and seven year old and they both understood the message of the story. Every child should read this message of our Lord's forgiveness.

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