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Youngstown OhioMicrosoft Office XP: Post Advanced Concepts and Techniques (Shelly Cashman (Paperback))
Published: 14 November, 2001
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Author: Gary B. Shelly
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Youngstown OhioMicrosoft Office XP: Advanced Concepts and Techniques (Shelly Cashman (Paperback))
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Youngstown Ohio Best of the Best

I am an (Master) instructor of Microsoft Office, and have reviewed a number of books to use in the classroom for my adult students and have found this series to be the most useful for students from rank beginners to advanced. If you are looking for a book that will let you learn on your own, this is it. You will need no other. If you are looking for a course to prepare you for certification for MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) this is it. Everything you need in one series.

Youngstown Ohio I've seen better

This book to me did not explain certain things so well and I would have to ask others how to do them. I did not like the books approach at all. But the book definitely told you how to open the programs up. Ex:Go to start and click all programs, then click word.
If you don't know how to do that, you are in big trouble because this book in depth detail in all the different office applications.

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