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Youngstown Ohioi -Net+ Study Guide
Published: March, 2002
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Author: David Groth
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio i-Net+ review

it's a good book to learn for the examen.
i have my examen tomorrow and i think i have no problem to pass it.
some things in the book aren't up to date, but it's difficult to be up to date with a book like this...
but i think it's enough to learn for the examen...

kind regards

Youngstown Ohio Excellent Resource

I read several reviews about this book prior to purchasing it and some gave it mediocre scores. My perception is that it excelled in preparing me for the exam which I passed with ease. Another excellent resource is

Youngstown Ohio Pay more to get less

I passed my certification exam about an hour ago with a score of 768/900 (655 required to pass). I'm not an IT professional; I was mostly interested in learning more about the Internet and showing it on a resume. Passing this test for me was more attributable to the study guide available at the link mentioned in glitteringolga's review (thank you very much for that by the way) and to looking up topics on my own.

This book is just not worth your time. The organization is poor, the writing is disjointed and confusing (check out the horrible descriptions of X.25 and Frame Relay for concrete examples), the errors are numerous and most definitely NOT adequately addressed in the errata on Sybex's website, and priorities of what to give the most space to are totally askew. You will be given multiple graphics and very long, step by step processes about how to click on the "File" button on Netscape Navigator, while more esoteric topics are given express treatment, and in most cases do not contain concrete examples or detailed explanations.

The review questions both in the book and on the CD are not helpful. They also are poorly worded (one question referred to adding a cache to my network as if it were a singular piece of hardware) and do not approximate much of what I saw on the exam today. If you want to take a practice exam, try the one on MCMCSE's website (same site that has the study guide). It's for the older exam version, but after taking it I would have to say it was more useful than the questions from this book and CD.

Throughout the book I noticed oodles of basic punctuation and spelling errors that a high school freshman would have been able to pick out. I guess it's not so surprising that nobody proofread the text when even the content wasn't checked for errors.

If you want to prepare for the i-Net+ exam, I would recommend using the study guide at MCMCSE, taking their practice test, and searching the web for anything listed in Comptia's exam objectives that needs clarification. I really can't recommend this book to anyone, even people who really prefer to have a textbook for reference. I am one of those people, and I was really disappointed.

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