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Youngstown OhioClassical Music for Dummies
Published: 21 August, 1997
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Author: Glenn Dicterow
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio A very good entry level book

This is a very good entry level book, about classical music.
It's fun to read and it's written in an easy to understand level.
I recomend this book for all the people who likes classical music and wants to learn more before moving to more serious books.

Youngstown Ohio Learn & Enjoy

My music education, having been neglected, is in better shape after I read this book. The appendices direct the reader where to start buying good classical music, the names of the various works, and their difficulty.

The authors do an amazing job of condensing 2000 years of classical music into one slim book.

The attached CD is very helpful. Chapter 5 explains the eight selections on the CD. There is a represenative sample of the best composers on it.

The authors try a little too hard to be funny. They seem to feel they have to end every paragraph with a one liner. I ignored this annoying trait because the rest of the book is so informative.

I plan to start my classical music collection soon.

Youngstown Ohio Awesome

Okay, so some of the jokes get a little lame or overused, but holy cow, when I read this book the first time, I was crying with laughter - and dangit, I even learned a thing or two! I've recommended this book to my orchestra students (7th and 8th graders) and not only have they read some it, they've enjoyed it as well. And if something like this can impress middle schoolers, you know it's good.

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