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Youngstown Ohio3 Brides For 3 Bad Boys
Published: 05 March, 2005
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Author: Lucy Monroe
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio BAD BOYS, BAD STORIES?

The love scenes are hot but the stories are just too short. No character development.

Youngstown Ohio *BORING*

I was so bored with this book I didn't finish reading it. I like Lucy Monroe but was disappointed in this book.

Youngstown Ohio Plot? What Plot?

I guess I should have read the fine print - this is basically an anthology book, and I really don't like anthologies, as they lack plotting and developed storylines. Having said that... "3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys" is three sex-infused short stories about three brothers from different mothers in search of virginal brides.

In the first, big brother Rand overhears his brother's ex-fiance Phoebe admit that she would give up her fortune for a week in his bed, which is exactly where he takes her.

In the second, the only legitimate brother, Carter discovers that his father's will requires him to marry in order to maintain control of the empire. He decides to proposition Daisy, the woman he dumped his fiance for, and finds that she is more than willing.

In the final installment, youngest brother (and non-drinker) Colton wakes up in Vegas with a massive hangover and a sexy redheaded showgirl in his bed. He leaves a kiss off letter on the desk, only to be tracked down and find out that she is his wife. Some things that should have stayed in Vegas didn't... Of course he falls for his new wife.

Each story is about 90 pages, which leaves little room for a storyline, since the majority of each story is spent in some sexual situation (and will only take a couple hours to read the entire book). Each would have made a compelling fully developed novel. It was disappointing since Lucy Monroe writes some great stuff. Lucky I got this at the library - you may want to do the same. Better to get "The Real Deal" by Monroe instead.

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