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Youngstown OhioContainer Gardening
Published: 15 March, 2004
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Author: Paul Williams
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Customer comments on this Youngstown Ohio Book

Youngstown Ohio A Guide to Lovely Planters

I wanted ideas for good-looking container gardens for my screened lanai. This books really delivers what I needed:
*large photos showing handsome pots and lush plantings
*exact instructions for number & names of plants to reproduce the 44 pictured container gardens
*info on sun/shade requirements, plant care and lifespan of the plants
The last 30 pages is an encyclopedic listing of suitable plants accompanied by color photos.
The book also has sections on choosing a container, drainage, potting mix, plant maintenance, color, scale and proportion. Really a very useful guide!

Youngstown Ohio New Flowers for a New Home

Although I've read a number of gardening books, I seem to have been having terrible luck with one container garden. Finally, I tossed all the soil and read this book. After realizing the draining system was not in place, not to mention I was using the wrong soil and the root system was in a tangle, I finally was able to create a fushia and violet themed flower garden complete with Daddy Blue Petunias, Easter Bonnet Violet Alyssum and pink Bearded tongue. The Columbine flowers are mixed in someplace and I think I have to rescue them from the petunias that are now taking over the planter.

Page 135 shows how to drill holes in the base of the planter, which was very needed. Then, while at the store, I accidentally dropped a clay pot, which was just perfect because you use the broken pot pieces to ensure free passage of water through the potting mix. The Miracle Grow potting mix now also has some water-retaining crystals mentioned on page 151.

By reading this one book you can learn everything you need to know to set up your own container garden in short order.


- Paul Williams original arrangements with close-up shots of every plant featured.
- An A-Z plant directory
- Detailed sections on how to water, choose pots, move heavy pots and design arrangements.
- Information on "when to repot" plants
- Interesting arrangements with "ingredients, planting details and container details."
- How to Clean Containers
- Choosing the right potting mix
- Interesting "capillary" watering method. Might work
if you travel a lot.

The arrangements all have themes. You might want a low-maintenance pink arrangement filled with Osteospermum jucundum (delicate pink daisy-style flowers) or create a lively arrangement bursting with golden stars (Bidens ferufolia). Many of the arrangements also help to set dreamy moods, like the Purple Haze with the fuzzy lotus hirsutus meandering with blue trailing petunias.

Paul Williams was trained at one of the UK's top horticultural colleges and is a regular contributor to horticultural magazines. His ideas are practical and inspiring.

I was so happy to read this book! Now I can look out of my bedroom window and see a beautiful, long-lasting arrangement inspired by Paul Williams.

Youngstown Ohio A breath of fresh air

Container Gardening is a breath of fresh air. Paul Williams enthusiastic and energetic writing style,when combined with such fantastic photographs is truly inspiring. Having read all of his books, you understand Paul Williams is a man who really loves plants and understands how to make a garden work. He has an amazing ability to pass on his knowledge in an informative and motivating style. As a young gardener, Container Gardening is one of the best purchases i have ever made and is a cracking book.

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