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Youngstown OhioThe Iroquois: The Six Nations Confederacy (American Indian Nations)
Published: September, 2002
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Author: Mary Englar
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Youngstown Ohio The proud story of the first Ameican confederacy

Most American history textbooks touch on the the Six Nations of the Iroquois as the first example on the North American continent of a confederation, with links both directly and indirectly to the original Articles of Confederation and then the United States Constitution that formally codified the relationships between the original thirteen states. "The Iroquois: The Six Nations Confederacy" introduces younger readers to the history and culture of this powerful American Indian group that flourished in the area of what is now New York and Ontario. As related by Mary Englar this is the story of a people finding a way to cooperate in peace, as well as the effort to preserve their culture in the face of American settlers moving west across the continent.

Englar beings by defining the Iroquois, which included the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca when it was first formed between the years 1000 and 1500 and added the Tuscarora in 1722. Other chapters are devoted to the traditional life enjoyed by the Iroquois, the changes brought by the Europeans, the life of the Iroquois today, and the traditions that have been passed down. Young readers will probably be surprised to learn that 36 countries today recognize the Iroquois as independent nations within U.S. and Canadian borders. This will be just one of many differences between the experiences of the Iroqhois and other Native American peoples that they will learn about from the basic introduction provided in this illustrated volume.

"The Iroquois: The Six Nation Confederacy" is one of the American Indian Nations series that looks at not only the Iroquois but also the Cherokee, Ojibwa, Pueblo, Seminole, and Sioux peoples. Among the features in the book are a map of Iroquois lands, a recipe for Strawberry Juice, a timeline, glossary, sources for further reading, Internet sites, and even places to write and visit to find out more about the Iroquois.

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